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Upcoming Program for Singles and Couples

Relationship Intimacy: the Key is Forgiveness

With Lori Rubenstein, J.D., C.P.C.

It’s easy to connect intimacy with sex but there is an even deeper level of intimacy that can be reached, and that is through the gift of vulnerability. There is nothing more precious that being able to trust others.

To do this, we need to knock down our walls to really let our loved-one in, but that is easier said than done.  We’ve built these walls over time to “protect” us from harm – so how do we shatter these walls that we may not even know are there?

The Key is Forgiveness

Fortunately, you have the key to shatter the walls.  It’s as simple as practicing forgiveness.   Forgiveness allows you to let go of the emotions that bind you to the past.  The feelings of “I could have…” “I should have…” or “I wish that were different.”

This program is for you if:

  • Your loved one easily pushes your “buttons”
  • You have trouble trusting your loved-one
  • You want to open up, but it feels too risky
  • Things are going well, but you value your relationship and want to deepen your connection

Want a deep, intimate connection?  Join us for this month’s free Conscious Relationship Seminar with RCI member, Lori Rubenstein for:

Deepening Intimacy through Forgiveness

Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Time: 9:00am Pacific/12:00pm Eastern
Cost:  No charge
Replay:  Will be available – use the weblink below to access after the program

To Access by web: http://attendthisevent.com/?eventID=50210589
To join by phone:  425-440-5100  PIN 466194#

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Join via Skype: Enter the Skype ID joinconference and click CALL.
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Ready to explore this new level of connection?  Forgiveness Teacher and Relationship Coach Lori Rubenstein will lead you through the process of forgiving and letting go of the past, so you can have the INTIMACY….(Into Me See) you deserve.

Recent Program for Couples

Keeping the Passion: How to fan the flames in your relationship

    With Marianne Oehser

Has your relationship gotten boring?

It’s easy to have sizzle at the beginning of a relationship. When a relationship is young, our body is taken over by a number of feel-good chemicals designed to help us bond with a potential mate.

But, what happens when those wonderful chemicals that surge through us in the beginning of a relationship fade? Does it mean that the passion is gone forever?

Too often people think they have to settle for a comfortable but boring relationship with their mate. Actually, after the initial sparks settle down, it is possible to develop a deeper and even more satisfying passion that can last the rest of your life together.

In this program you will learn …

  • What passion is
  • Why it’s all about connection
  • How to build and maintain a connection that fuels passion
  • What destroys passion in a relationship
  • Keys to igniting your passion

To listen to the recording visit:


Recent Program for Singles

 Superhero Dating: How to have an Anxiety Free First Date

  With Anita Myers

Do you want to meet someone to share your life with, but find yourself feeling anxious or nervous about going on a first date? Do you find that the anxiety sabotages the experience by keeping you from being you? Or worse, is it keeping you from going on dates at all?

Ever wonder how to make your first date a win for you?

If going on dates has started to feel daunting, tiring, exhausting and self-deprecating – maybe it’s time to give your first date the make-over it needs to lift you up and feel great, and possibly gain a great relationship in the end!

 Enjoying first dates can be easy with a bit of preparation and the right strategies. With just a little insight, you can determine a plan that works better for you, learn to conquer your fears, and date like a superhero.

Listen to this program and:

  •  Learn how to let go of your personal Kryptonite
  • Unveil the powers of who you are
  • Learn how to embrace the true purpose of dating, taking on one adventure at a time!

To access:

 Don’t let another day go by. Join us to gain that superhero confidence needed to truly enjoy meeting someone new. 

Anita inspires individuals to identify unhealthy relationship patterns, lift away emotional burdens, and address and alleviate conflict. Through her business, InnerScope Consulting, she is passionately invested in guiding clients toward rebuilding positive, effective lives, and in inspiring people to live proactively and powerfully, mastering personal success.

For more information about Anita, visit http://innerscopeconsulting.com/